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A warm welcome to my relatively new Proactive Business Assistant site, outlining the professional business services I have to offer to my local and international clients, whether working with you on-site or remotely.

Snapshot of my Developed Skills:Executive/Administrative Assistant, Research & Business Development, Competitive Intelligence, Marketing, Social Media Networking, Business Writing, Database Management, Supplies Procurement & Contract Negotiations, Programs/Document Trouble-shooter, Tech Savvy Administrative Team Leader.

I am delighted you have stopped by today, and trust you will find value in what I present.


I created Your Proactive Business Assistant for two primary reasons:

The first reason of course is to reach out to my local and global corporate communities, with an eye to securing short and long-term on-site and virtual contract work for all administrative functions, in addition to bringing my ‘value-added’ services noted here on my site.

The second reason for creating Your Proactive Business Assistant is due to the fact that experience has taught me the Internet is the most powerful resource tool to use in helping, sharing, and supporting the Administrative Professionals within my reading audience.

My goal here is to encourage and motivate this talented group to adopt a more proactive attitude and approach to their current roles and professional career path.

To that end, we will be touching on topics that this valuable and talented group are facing within our complex and competitive corporate landscapes today, such as having to meet higher employer expectations and demands during a time of volatile and sluggish job markets.

Ultimately, of course I wish to reveal some of my talents to prospective clients, as well as illustrate that all Administrative Professionals can bring added benefits to their respective roles, and the firms with which they choose to engage.

Thank you for visiting my site today.


Your Proactive Business Assistant


I am quite certain that you may well be asking yourselves what is a Proactive Business Assistant, and why should I care?

Well, if my assumption above is correct, there are many reasons you should care.

After all, the title of my site prompted you to visit; therefore, you already held some preconceived notion of the subject of this site that intrigued you.

I believe that Executive and Administrative Assistant’s in my reading audience will benefit from the range of topics covered on this site, perhaps leading to a learning and growth experience, and/or at the very least, picking up a few valuable tips that I share from my years of corporate experience in various role levels.

As you move forward throughout the site, it will become abundantly clear that taking a lead role and illustrating initiative are not the only characteristics of a true Proactive Assistant – there is a great deal more involved!

Entrepreneurs and firms may also be seeking an individual that has the ability to take the lead and show initiative on all assignments, offering the required skills and background to meet with certain success.

Driven by a positive attitude and proactive approach, I am naturally inclined to explore potential cost-saving efficiencies and revenue generation opportunities for the firm that engages my services.

Please read on to learn more about Your Proactive Business Assistant. As with any worthwhile collaboration, from friendship to business, it all comes down to ‘Adding Value’….

Once again, thank you for spending your valuable time on my site today.

Please feel free to share the direct link to my site, get my RSS feed, leave your comments, and drop by regularly, to impart your valuable feedback on this site!